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2018-2019 Advisors

  • Classes

    12th Grade - Lisa Kent and Michael Chaffee

    11th Grade - Aaron Brubaker and Tom Franclemont

    10th Grade - Katharine Houy and Jarrod Shafer

    9th Grade - Suzanne Scott and Sheryl Dougherty

    8th Grade - Amanda Ballam and Amber Madison

    7th Grade - Angela Brewster and Alyssa Raykovitz



    Acapella Group - Kendra Mikols

    Band Club - Melissa Harrison

    Senior High Chorus - Kendra Mikols

    Fine Arts Club - Melissa Harrison, Erica Jacobs and Kendra Mikols


    Drama Club - Seth Grant and Denise Burrows

    Play Director - Seth Grant

    Assistant Play Director - Denise Burrows


    Color Guard - Jessica Hyland-Wieszczyk

    National Honor Society - Cheri Drake

    SADD Club - Tom Franclemont

    School Store - Cheri Drake

    Student Council - Angela Brewster

    Yearbook Club - Cheri Drake


    Science Club - Timothy Demster


    Multimedia Club - Candace Cornell

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