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     Room 120
    School Supplies- These supplies will be community supplies and used by the entire class. 

    4 packages of pencils

    2 glue sticks

    1 box of 24 Count Crayons

    1 pair of scissors

    1 package of 10 count markers

    3 plastic 2-pocket folders (Red, Green, Blue)

    1 highlighter

    1 spiral notebook


    1 Pair headphones or ear buds (will not be shared)


    Snack Options- Please see the link for monthly snack options. Each student needs to bring in 1 snack a month for the class to share. 



    If you have any questions, please email me at lcone@andovercsd.org
    Thank you, Ms. Laura Cone
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    Contact Information:
    Laura Cone
    Andover Central School
    1st Grade Teacher 
    Phone-  607-478-8491 ext. 260
    Fax-  607-478-8085