•  Welcome to the Andover Central School Athletic Website Page

    Looking to find some information on a sporting event that our school will be participating in?  Just go to our "Athletics" website and look at the calendar or schedules to find what you are looking for. You could also look at our weekly practice and game schedule that is updated each week.  Thank you for visiting us and if you need to talk to someone about a sporting event you can call me, Rich Gill at 607-478-8491 at extention 252.
    Note to all of our loyal fans:

    Each year our high school athletic teams are rated by coaches and by referees on sportsmanship.  We would like to take this opportunity to encourage our fans to positively cheer our boys and girls on to victory.  Our young athletes are very sensitive to the comments made in the stands.  We ask everyone’s cooperation and support, and we also respectfully request that you set positive examples for our young people in regard to comments directed toward referees and umpires as well.  We trust that this spring sports season will include many victories, lessons learned about sportsmanship, and pleasant memories. We thank you for your support.