Budget Hearing

Monday, May 10th @ 7:00pm - Andover Central School Auditorium

Annual Meeting-Budget Vote and Election of Board Members

Tuesday, May 18th from 12:00pm Noon - 8:00pm - Andover Central School Auditorium


You may request an absentee ballot if you are unable to appear to vote in person on the day of the Annual Budget Vote for one (or more) of the following reasons:

  • I am or will be a patient in a hospital or unable to appear personally at the polling location on such day because of illness or physical disability. 
  • I am the primary care-giver of one or more individuals who are ill or physically disabled. I am or will be unable to appear personally at the polling location on such day because of a temporary illness or physical disability. 
  • NYS Governor’s Executive Order No. 202.47 provided that due to the prevalence and community spread of COVID-19, the potential for contraction of the COVID-19 virus shall be deemed a temporary illness for the purpose of eligibility to vote as an absentee voter in a school Annual Budget Vote to be held May 18, 2021. 
  • I will be outside of the county because of duties, occupation, business or studies. A statement explaining the business or special circumstances which necessitate the absence, must be included in the application.
  • I will be on vacation outside of the District: The application must include the dates you expect to leave and return, the place(s) you expect to be, your employer’s name and address, or a statement that you are self-employed. 
  • I am detained in jail awaiting grand jury action, awaiting trial, or confined in prison after conviction for an offense other than a felony. The application must specify for which of those reasons you are in jail.