Dear Andover School Family and Community Members,

Each school year brings anticipation, excitement, and for some, anxiety as to what the new school year will bring. As we begin each school year, please remember that as our students continue their journey in their educational experience, you, as their parents and family members, play an important role in helping them succeed. I strongly believe that children learn best when educators and parents work together. Parent involvement is a critical ingredient for children to be successful in school. Studies show that parent engagement promotes many benefits for students, including higher achievement, better social skills and behavior, and increased likelihood of graduation. I want you to feel welcome at school and valued as a partner in your child’s education.

My vision for the Andover Central School District is that Andover has excited, motivated students who are supported by family at home, in school and the community so that they are empowered to become responsible adults who possess the skills, knowledge and values to successfully live in an ever-changing global world. Andover Central School District will be a high performing school district where students and teachers achieve high standards, have a passion for learning, and all find success in the future. My students are part of my extended family and each is an individual to me with his/her own unique needs and strengths. I treat all students like they are my own.

I believe in the 3 B’s and ask my students and staff to follow these rules: “Be Respectful, Be Responsible and Be Safe”. I believe that it is important to focus on the whole child so students are educated to become successful, productive citizens who exhibit strong moral character in addition to having academic skills and knowledge.

I am confident that together we can make this a great school year. I hope I have the opportunity to connect with many of you as we work together to support student learning and help our children achieve their dreams and reach their full potential. Please feel free to call me or stop into my office anytime.


Lawrence E. Spangenburg, Superintendent