For the past 3 months, Mr. Owen’s production class has worked hard on building, engineering, and raising their very own Timber Frame. This project was a cultivating learning experience which utilized numerous skills, talents, team collaboration, and 21st century skills to name a few. It was the true essence of project-based learning through science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). The talented students who worked so diligently on this project were: Nathan Adams, Richard Bull III, Kristen Coddington, Marc Givens, Logan Graham, Eric McCarthy, James McCormick III, Kaiden McCormick, Stephen Walker, James Knefley, Bryce Warriner, Hunter Allen, Tim Cross, Krystena Wesche, Jonathan Kephart, and Jade McCarthy.

Their efforts and character are to be commended as they worked during their study halls, free time, and on the job site (off school campus). They represented Andover Central School District with pride and respect. A huge thank you to Mr. Owen for the belief, knowledge, and instructional skills throughout this amazing project. Wow! Way to go!!!